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Yanshi Longyu coal mining machinery factory
Yanshi City Coal Machinery Factory is located in Long Yu Yan Yanshi City of mouth 209, is the field of conveyor belt buckle under colliery important supplier, the company's conveyor belt buckle high performance, long life, easy to install, allows you to maximize efficiency and lowest operating costs when using the conveyor belt. Product can be used on PVC and PVG conveyor, can also be used on the old belt is no longer suitable vulcanizing engagement. Unique design makes our conveyor belt buckle has a distinctive feature, the conveyor belt buckle staggered riveting way, you can maximize prevent pull out and can allow the rivets i……
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  • Address:Luoyang Yanshi Huakou
  • Sales Hotline: 400-0379-886
  • FAX: 0379-65097160
  • Contact: Mr Zhang
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  • Zip: 471000